Property Tax Reduction Consulting


Property Tax Reduction



I authorize Hudson Property Tax Reduction, Inc., to be referred to as “HPTR,” as my sole representative to protest and
appeal my real estate taxes and assessment with the Board of Assessment of my local village, town / city, and county.
I agree to pay HPTR 50% of the reduced amount of my first year’s tax reduction savings within 30 days of receiving
proof of my property’s reduction and the invoice from HPTR. If there is a tax reduction as a result of the SCAR filing, I
will be responsible for the small claim filing fee of $30, which will be included in my invoice.
In addition, I understand that if I sell / transfer the subject property during this agreement, I will still be held liable for
the final payment on the invoice, unless I disclose the sale / transfer to HPTR, and we agree to a new arrangement,
otherwise agreed upon in writing. This agreement can be terminated within 5 business days of when I submit an
application to HPTR in writing at a date before any reduction has been officially approved.


Being the owner or authorized executor to this property, I hereby authorize Hudson Property Tax Reduction,
Inc., as my exclusive representative to appeal my real estate taxes and assessment for the 2021 / 22 tax roll, to
represent me before the Board of Assessment Review and/or Small Claims Assessment Review (SCAR of the
Supreme Court of the State of New York) pursuant to my rights by New York State property tax law.
I further give authorization to Hudson Property Tax Reduction, Inc. to enter into any settlements or decisions on
my behalf should Hudson Property Tax Reduction, Inc. deem it fit and to be in my best interests.